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Guaranteed Hydration
Longer Shelf Life
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Reduced shrinkage
Simplified supply chain
No Water Leakage
Eliminates Bacteria

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Acquapak's Mission

Profitable growth through superior product and technology marketing for the flower and cutting industry that improves the quality and freshness of the products that are grown and commercialized worldwide.

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Flowers are commonly shipped out of water. Therefore, they are subject to dehydration problems as they travel across the continent in order to arrive at the point of sale.

By introducing Acquapak, your company can sell flowers that are shipped straight from the farm to the store, ensuring optimum hydration for the product. Wanted differentiation? You got it!

Guaranteed Hydration Regardless of Position

Guaranteed hydration regardless of the bouquet’s position.

Acquapak is designed to allow flowers to drink at all times, regardless of the position that the flowers travel in. This means that if they travel lying sideways, upside down, or even upright, they will always be able to drink from the fresh water that is available in the expandable latex material. The secret is an air vacuum effect that pushes water to the stems so they can drink.

Because of Acquapak’s ability to create an air vacuum within the expandable latex material, flowers continuously drink from the fresh water that is available to them.

It doesn’t matter if they are laying horizontally, upside down, or even upright, stems will always be able to absorb up to the last drop of water!

Prolonged Shelf Life at Store Level

By packaging flowers using Acquapak’s technology, flower retailers can be confident that they are selling a healthier and fresher product.

Because a retailer is able to stack floral product faster when taking advantage of Acquapak technology than when using a conventional supply chain and distribution method, he will have a longer time frame to sell product at the store.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The final consumer gets irritated when he or she buys flowers at the store, places them in a vase, and finds them dead faster than they should wilt. This is the result of a flower that was harmed due to non-optimal conditions when handled from the farm to the store, including all points in the middle.

However, by ensuring that the flowers get to their point of sale at the store in short time and with enough water to stay hydrated (as in their natural state), they will last longer at the final consumer’s home so they can be enjoyed as long as they should be.

Reduced Shrinkage

Reduced Shrinkage Through Efficient Inventory Management.

How incredible would it be for your store to receive smaller quantities of flowers more frequently?

Welcome to Acquapak. Our products allow stores to better manage the quantity of flowers that they order per delivery, so that they can manage their inventory shrink considerably better, stacking their shelves with the freshest product, always carried in water from the farm of origin.

Simplified Supply Chain

Farm to store door: Instead of taking 7 to 12 days on average for flowers to arrive at the store’s shelves, Acquapak allows for a simplified, more efficient supply chain.

We believe that flowers should not be older than 72 hours from the time of harvest when they arrive at their destination, so we built a product that allows shipment directly from the farm to the store door. No need for pit-stops along the way, not anymore.

No Water Leakage or Spilling

Flowers packed with Acquapak experience a smooth ride from the farm of origin to the store; they always carry enough water to stay hydrated.

Stems are insulated individually, as to ensure that water cannot leak or spill from the expandable latex container at any point in time. Regardless of the bouquet’s position, water will not leak or spill from the latex container.

Eliminates Bacterial Growth

Bacteria, the dreaded green stuff that forms in vases when we place flowers at home, is a product of the mixture between light, oxygen, and water. Acquapak prevents bacterial growth, given that it separates the fresh water available in the expandable latex container from the two other elements.

Light is blocked by the dark-colored latex material. Furthermore, because Acquapak packaging is airtight, oxygen inflow is absent from the packaging altogether!

Stem Count Control

Forget about a costly and disturbing mistake; your flowers will always come in the stem counts that they should! By using our proprietary foam disc, stem counts become a mechanical process. There is no need to count and recount them anymore.

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