What Is Acquapak?

Acquapak is a patented product that assists flower growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in maintaining the freshness and hydration of the product that they sell. The device allows flowers to be packaged in water, and regardless of the position that the flowers travel in, the liquid will not spill or leak from the balloon.

By packaging flowers in water using our product, your flowers will live longer by replicating their natural life cycle. In fact, depending on your specific business model, you will find many advantages ranging from logistics and freight to credit reductions and increased customer satisfaction. Why Acquapak? →

About Us

Acquapak is a revolutionary business providing an innovative solution for recurring problems of dehydration in the flower industry. We pride ourselves in our patented technology, which allows stems to be insulated using a patented foam disc and inside a water balloon. This ensures that flowers drink water at all times, no matter what position (upright, laying horizontally, or upside down) they travel in. We are in business to attend to the general floral industry. We work closely with growers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and mass market customers. We have offices in Miami, Florida and Guatemala City. Meet the Team →

The Process


Will water spill or leak from the balloon?

Our product is designed so that water will not spill or leak from the balloon, regardless of the position that the flowers are transported in (upright, upside down, lying horizontally).

No matter if you squeeze the balloon with your hands or if a thorn is present in the stems you just packed, your product will be safe for transportation, and will drink water as it is intended to do.

What advantages does Acquapak provide?

Acquapak is a safe and efficient way to guarantee that your flowers remain hydrated. Forget about other products that consist of gels or humid foam to moisten stems, unlike any other product in the market, we provide you with a product capable of carrying a full 16 ounces of water.* Nobody else can guarantee you such a vital amount of fluid that will not spill regardless of the position of the flowers.

Other advantages other than hydration will depend on your specific business model. For example, a grower that commercializes to the mass market might find it interesting to ship straight from the farm to individual supermarket stores in water, avoiding damages from handling product between origin and destination. Furthermore, he will notice considerable improvement in the quality of his product upon arrival. On the other hand, a wholesaler working between a farm and a retail florist might be interested in shipping the product from the farm in water to avoid any handling, and delivering to his customer in a shorter time to guarantee fresher flowers with longer life.

Where and when can I package the flowers with water?

Acquapak is very flexible in terms of its use. For some customers, it is ideal to package flowers in water at the farm before leaving the country of origin. For others who perform value added services such as bouquet manufacturing within the country of destination, packaging in water before shipping to the final point of sale is the correct option.

For the retail florist, the possibility of receiving product straight from the farm in water may be extremely beneficial, and the possibility of selling to the final customer in water might also excite him. The shorter answer is anyone can do it at any time using our patented machines and sets of materials.

How does it compare to other products in the market?

Acquapak is the only product in the market that allows for packaging in a full 16 ounces of water. This results in better hydration for flowers than other products which do not allow for free-flowing water, many of them causing blockage to the stems.

Among the most interesting features of the Acquapak product is that flowers will drink regardless of their position (upright, upside down, or even lying horizontally) without leaking any water, and because of the airtight vacuum inside the balloon, they will finish every drop of water! Remember, the foam disc can be customized to fit your needs in terms of stem counts.

How long will the balloon and water last for my flowers?

Our standard balloon size is designed to hold 16 ounces of water, and should be enough water for approximately 4-7 days. Different types and varieties of flowers drink different amounts of water. For example, hydrangeas consume more water than chrysanthemums, and would therefore finish the water faster.

Other variables to this answer might be the state of hydration the flowers are in prior to packing, the number of stems in the foam disc, and the temperature that they are kept in.

Can it accommodate different stem size or count?

Besides the fact that we can accommodate foam and hole sizes to fit your stem count needs for each product type or special project, Acquapak is designed to seal regardless of the thickness of the stems that you put in our product.

Obviously, stems must fit inside and through the holes of the foam disc in order for the flowers to drink, so using the appropriate foam design is important.

Can I put more than one stem per hole?

An interesting characteristic of our product is that you may leave empty holes in the foam, and the sealing properties will still cause the product to remain leak-free. However, it is very important NOT to put more than one stem per hole. Doing so will not allow the foam to insulate around the stem, and water will leak.

This will also be the case if leaves are left inside the foam’s holes around a stem. Normal stem imperfections will not cause any problems.

What types of flowers can I package using Acquapak?

Acquapak is designed for any flowers that need water. As long as they are cut flowers, and the stems can be put through the foam disc, there should not be any problems.

Can I refill the water inside the balloon?

When assembling a bouquet using an Acquapak, you can use an optional refill tube inside the foam. As the name implies, this will allow you to refill water in the balloon once the stems drink the available water, partially or fully.

How long does it take to package a bunch or bouquet?

Assembly of the product is very easy and fast. We estimate that it takes anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds for a machine operator to package a bunch or bouquet.

Where can I buy Acquapak? Is it safe?

A small machine is needed to package the flowers in water. Machines are produced by our company as a vehicle to use our patented Acquapak products, and we sell them directly to our customers. Furthermore, you will need a small air compressor, given that our machines operate solely on air pressure to function.

The reason for using air pressure is that we do not like to have any fuses or electrical components that may burn or have a short circuit. Safety is an important part of our business.

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